Garden Tour

Garden Tour 2021 - May 23rd

Annual Union Hill Garden Tour

When the first Union Hill Garden Tour was held in June of 1995, it was a symbol of hope for a brighter future in a neighborhood that was considered by many to be run down and filled with urban blight. The tour brought people into the neighborhood to see that there were bright, hopeful spots and was the first step to changing people's perceptions about this part of town.

Almost every year since, the Union Hill Garden Tour has been a regular event. As Kansas City slowly reopens itself, we feel it is safe enough to have one this year encouraging all to practice safe, thoughtful outdoor social distancing. We think the tour could be a wonderful way to begin re-connecting with our neighborhood, our city and the rhythms of the seasons. The outdoors and nature have been a comfort for many during the past couple of months. Sharing our outdoor spaces and love of all things relating to gardens – flowers, trees, shrubs, grass, fountains, funny gnomes – holds the potential for raising our spirits and claiming a bit of normalcy back for our community.

Offering our support for a historic neighborhood treasure is another important reason for the garden tour. The Union Cemetery has long anchored Union Hill and provided a beautiful space for escape and contemplation. Helping support its preservation is one important way to preserve the spirit and quality of our unique corner of Kansas City.

If you would like to volunteer for the garden tour or help on with the garden club, please email please email and follow us on Facebook.