Seeking Volunteers!
The 2023 Union Hill Garden Tour is June 4 from 10am - 3pm

Look at all the ways you can get involved this year!

Check-In Captain

  • Oversee setup and tear down of main check-in at 31st and Grand in the KCPT parking lot
  • Coordinate volunteers (4-6) doing check-in, distributing maps, collecting money


  • Be stationed at 30th and Grand during the tour so that you can direct visitors and answer questions

Sign Captain

  • Put up signs promoting the tour 2-3 weeks prior to tour date
  • Take down signs on the afternoon of the tour
  • Distribute flags to host gardens the day prior to the tour
  • Collect host garden flags on the afternoon of the tour

Promotion Captain

  • Write and distribute press notices about the tour
  • Contact TV stations 9 days prior and follow-up 2 days prior to the tour
  • Actively promote the tour on Facebook
  • Prepare and send emails to past tour attendees inviting them to purchase tickets
  • Produce Flyers, Posters and Maps for tour

Garden Host Captain

  • Deliver flyers to homes on Union Hill seeking participants in this year’s tour
  • Make certain all important data needed for the official tour map is collected and accurate prior to publication
  • Provide data for map to designer working on map

Business Captain

  • Contact area businesses inviting them to participate in the tour
  • Sponsorships
  • Special offers for garden tour guests
  • Post posters at at the businesses promoting the tour
  • Gather logos for inclusion on map
  • Provide logos to designer working on map

Entertainment Captain

  • Recruit musicians and performance locations
  • Coordinate musicians on the day of tour
  • Gather details for inclusion on map
  • Provide details to designer working on map