As many (hopefully all) of you know, Union Hill will be a participating neighborhood in this year's PorchFestKC on October 12th. For those unfamiliar with PorchFestKC, it's a music festival in which bands perform on front porches of homes, while festival attendees wander from porch-to-porch, listening from front yards and sidewalks. Music is all genres, though a majority of performers fall into the Americana/folk category. Music is acoustic, or near acoustic. (This is not Rockfest!) The family-friendly event is alcohol-free, and free to attend. This will be the event's fifth year in Kansas City.

I'm writing because residents of the participating neighborhoods (Union Hill, Longfellow, and Roanoke this year) will need to apply online if they would like to host music during PorchFestKC. Our hope is that if you have a front porch, you will apply. Board members have attended the event in prior years, and we know Union Hill will make an incredible host. 

To answer as many questions as possible before applications open July 1st, I wanted to share some information specific to hosting music. 
  • You must apply online during the month of July if you wish to host music. Applications will be at
  • You will NOT be expected to allow strangers in your home. In fact, we strongly encourage you not to do so. Bands will be told this as well -- even to use the restroom.
  • You will need to provide electricity for the bands on your porch. This would include a good quality cord and a power strip. 
  • Your porch will need to be cleared enough for a band to gather. Performances may be solo acts -- up to much larger groups. (In the 4th year, there was an 18 piece orchestra on a Roanoke porch.) Most bands are 3-5 people.
  • When you apply, you will be asked to estimate how many people (with their equipment) would fit on your porch.
  • Bands will be assigned to your porch. You need not do any of that work.
  • If you have friends/family members who are applying to perform with their band, you can ask to host them at your home. When applying, both you and the band should reference each other. Organizers will do their best to honor those requests.
  • The event extends from noon to 6pm. If you would love to host, but have a time restriction -- please register and include that on your application. (eg. Cannot host music later than 4:30pm)
  • Bands perform for tips. A tip jar on a pole will be provided, and be placed in your yard. 
  • Trash boxes and porta-potties will be provided in the neighborhood. 
  • Streets will not be closed. They likely will be quite congested that afternoon. 
  • Of note, not all bands or porch hosts will fit into the schedule. Porches have to be spaced to keep music from overlapping. And the number of bands accepted is directly determined by the number of porch hosts who sign up. So if interested -- please apply! 
  • If you do not have a front porch, but are passionate about participating, there may be a workaround. Apply and include that on your application. The solution must be one in which attendees stay street-side. We want to consistently keep people in front of homes. So a pop-up tent on a driveway may work -- a back deck that's not street-facing would not. 
So big picture -- as a porch host, it's an easy 'lift'. Apply online starting July 1st, provide electricity, clear space on your porch, and be okay with people gathering in your front yard. That's it. We would love to see nearly all Union Hill residents join in this effort.

If you have specific logistics questions, feel free to reach out to the event organizer, Kathryn Golden at Or Board members are happy to answer questions as well. 

Mark your calendar for July 1st -- #SoExciting! We will be sending reminders but please apply early!