Welcome to Union Hill Neighborhood Association. 

Quarterly Meeting - October 10th at 6:30pm

Please see neighborhood updates on the documents page.

Questions or Issues, Contact: info@unionhillkc.com

Dumpster Day - October 6th
Two dumpsters, one for yard waste and one for normal trash, will be located in the parking lot on the NE corner of 31st and Grand Ave.

Donations are needed

To keep all of the events and safety patrols for 2018 we need donations from our residents. 

To donate to UHNA to keep dumpster days, neighborhood communications, and help fund the garden club to organize the garden tour, select the donation button below:

To help with the safety fund so we can continue hiring off duty officers for patrols, select the donation button below:

Both can be set up for monthly donations! 

UCHS 2018 Calendar

Historical Epitaphs, Voices from the Past guided tour w/dinner: Saturday, October 20 at 5pm